Sarah Huckabee Sanders Possible Replacement of Spicer?

Sean Spicer has been one of the worst White House Press Secretary’s in modern history. He has taken a lot of flak from both Republicans and Democrats. While he is gone a week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Deputy White House Press Secretary filled in for Spicer and made the announcement of Trump firing James Comey. The liberal press tried to get Sanders rattled, but she held her ground like a trained guard dog and never wavered. Some believe she is auditioning for a bigger role in the Trump administration, possibly replacing Spicer.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders picked one heck of a week to fill in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the White House podium — but it could be part of a trial by fire. 

Speculation is mounting that the deputy press secretary is being eyed for a bigger role, amid a tumultuous week where she became the face of the administration’s response to President Trump’s decision to fire FBI boss James Comey. 

Sanders took plenty of hits from the press, especially when the president seemed Thursday to contradict the original White House narrative that he was merely acting on the recommendation of a top Justice official…

From what I saw of the way Sanders handled the press this week, I believe she would make a better White House Press Secretary than Sean Spicer. At the moment, Spicer is more of a liability than an asset and President Trump would be better off to fire Spicer and give the position to Sanders.

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