San Diego Mass Shooting May Have Been Racial

Sunday night, a beer-drinking white man opened fire on a crowd having a birthday party at the pool of an apartment building. By the time police arrived and killed the gunman, the shooter had shot 8 people, killing one and leaving several others in serious condition. Although no one knows the motive for the shootings, the media did point out that the shooter was white and 6 of the 7 victims were black and the other was Hispanic.

A beer-guzzling gunman fired off at least 30 gunshots at a San Diego pool party on Sunday night, killing at least one reveler and wounding seven more, witnesses and cops said.

Some of the victims were critically wounded, including a woman who died hours after the 6 p.m. attack, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said at a media briefing.

Three officers at the University City apartment complex opened fire on the suspect after a helicopter hovering over the pool spied the shooter appearing to reload the weapon.

Zimmerman said the gunman pointed the weapon at the officers.

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Undoubtedly, anti-gun Democrats will use this to again push for more gun control legislation. Since beer was involved, will they blame alcohol for the shooting spree and try to place more restrictions on purchasing, owning and consuming beer? No, they won’t, but even if the shooting was alcohol induced, liberals will still blame the gun in the shooter’s hand more than they will blame the shooter. We also don’t know what may have happened in the past between the shooter and some of the victims.




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