Research into Way to Starve Cancer

Most people receiving cancer treatment usually undergo radiation and/or chemotherapy, either instead of surgery or after surgery. So many cancer patients talk about how the effects of the radiation and chemo are almost as bad as having the cancer. My daughter had 6 weeks of pinpoint radiation to treat a non-cancerous secreting pituitary tumor and she had to take strong anti-nausea drugs after each treatment.

We’ve all been hearing for years that eating red meat is bad for your health and may be linked to increased risks of developing cancer. The same reports say that we need to eat more vegetables and fruits to reduce our chances of developing cancer.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has a list of 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention. Number 4 on that list states:

“Eat more of a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes such as beans.”

Number 5 on that list states:

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Imagine being able to get rid of cancer by starving the cancer cells instead of undergoing radiation and/or chemo and putting up with their toxic effects. The possibilities are promising to say the least, but it could still be a few years out before this form of treatment is approved to use on human patients by the FDA.




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