Removing Confederate Statues Same as Denying Holocaust

Evidently, some flaming uneducated liberals believe that by removing statues honoring Confederate soldiers and battles that they can erase history and make everything right. These are the same liberal activists that go out of their way to find reasons to holler racism, discrimination and hatred at every little thing. If they can’t find anything justifiable to their cause they begin making things up or taking totally innocent things and turning them into things of hatred just to promote their racist cause.

Malcolm Suber seems to be one of these racial activists. He is one of many black Americans who look at Confederate monuments and statues and see nothing but hate and racism. His own racial intolerance blinds him to the fact that these monuments and statues only serve to honor the past and those that died. In no way do these monuments and statues endorse racial bigotry today.

Suber is all in favor of not just removing Confederate statues and monuments, but he would like to see black Americans take up sledge hammers and destroy them so they can never be seen and appreciated by anyone ever again much like Berliners did to the Berlin Wall.

Suber reminds me of other black activists like Al Sharpton who intentionally ruins the lives of whites to fuel his cause to keep the fires of racial hatred burning brightly. After all, that’s how Sharpton makes most of his money, fueling racial hatred.

On the other hand, many Southerners don’t want to see the removal of Confederate statues and monuments as they see them as important reminders and memorials to the thousands of Southerners that died during the worse period in American history.

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Frank B. Stewart Jr., is one of those Southerners who strongly oppose the removal of Confederate statues from public locations throughout New Orleans. The 81-year-old businessman told the New Orleans city council that removing the statues and monuments is an Orwellian effort to obliterate and change history. He also wrote the following question:

“I ask you, Mitch, should the Pyramids in Egypt be destroyed since they were built entirely from slave labor?”

If black activists are justified in their reason for removing all Confederate statues, monuments and flag, then the Jewish people have every right to demand that the famous pyramids in Egypt also be removed. The Chinese people should demand that that great wall of China be removed since a great deal of it was built with what amounted to slave labor.

Many of the great constructions and monuments through history have been built with slave or nearly slave labor, but you don’t see any them whining, crying and demanding they be removed.

Personally, I equate the black activists pushing for the removal of everything Confederate as being no different than the lunatics who deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Holocaust deniers try to erase and re-write history by denying the Holocaust ever happened. They ignore the over 6 million souls that were brutally gassed, burned, shot, starved or murdered in other cruel ways. They ignore the testimony of eyewitnesses, thousands of pages of documents and photographs.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum wasn’t built to honor the savage butchery of those who slaughtered Jews and others, but a memorial to those that died. It was also built as a reminder to never let that happen again. The same could be said about many of the Confederate statues and monuments. They do not necessarily have to be interpreted as honoring those who enslaved blacks and others, but as a monument to those who died for a cause they believed in and a reminded for our nation to never let anything like slavery and the Civil War happen again.

When God destroyed entire earth and all life on earth except for 8 people and the animals on the Ark, He gave mankind a reminder of what happened and as a promise that He will never destroy the earth and mankind again by a global flood. When we see the rainbows in the sky, before during or after a rain, we are to remember God’s promise.

Why can’t the same be said of monuments and statues of a horrific period in our nation’s history? You can’t erase the past or re-write history. Slavery and the Civil War were real and took far too many lives. But removing Confederate monument will not change what happened over 150 years ago. Why can’t everyone, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian and others, just look upon these testimonies of history as a reminder of what happened and a promise to never let it happen again?

If black activists really want peace, it has to start with them!


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