Putin Willing to Deliver Full Disclosure of Trump Meeting with Russian Officials

Anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans are calling for President Trump’s head over the false allegations made first by the Washington Post that Trump revealed classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister at a meeting in the White House. Trump has defended his actions saying he just shared information on terrorism in an effort to convince Russia to assist US in war against terrorism. Now, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will gladly provide a full discloser of all information shared by Trump at that meeting.

Asserting himself abroad with his customary disruptive panache, President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday jumped into the furor over President Trump’s disclosure of classified information to Russian diplomats, declaring that nothing secret had been revealed and that he could prove it.

Mr. Putin, who has a long record of seizing on foreign crises to make Russia’s voice heard, announced during a news conference in Sochi, Russia, the Black Sea resort that has become his equivalent of Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, that he has a “record” of the American president’s meeting at the White House with two senior Russian officials and was ready to give it to Congress — so long as Mr. Trump does not object.

Referring to reports that Mr. Trump had revealed highly classified intelligence, Mr. Putin said, “It’s hard to imagine what else these people who generate such nonsense and rubbish can dream up next.”…

Anti-Trump politicians on both sides of the aisle have been scrutinizing everything he does and running with every fake news story that seems to help undermine the Trump presidency. If the allegations made by the Washington Post are proven to be false, then one only hopes that they are held liable and accountable for their harmful actions.

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