Protesters Call for Impeachment of Rep. Maxine Waters

There is no doubt that the wackiest, craziest member of the House of Representatives is Nancy Pelosi (D-NY), Second to Pelosi is Maxine Waters, also a California Democrat. She is a class A hypocrite who says things that makes one wonder if she is living in a different universe or on another planet. As she pushes for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, protesters have descended on her $3 million home in Los Angeles, calling for her impeachment.

It’s a form of poetic justice for sure that unstable Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been pursuing the impeachment of Donald Trump, and now is having protesters come to her house calling for her impeachment.

Waters resides in a $3 million mansion in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California.  Yet, she constantly tries to present herself as someone that is not in the upper class as to appeal to voters in her district.  Most interesting is that Hancock Park is not in District 43, which she is said to represent.

One of her challengers, Omar Navarro, along with over a dozen protesters and a mariachi band decided to stage a protest at her home in LA.  Waters was not at home at the time of the protest…

Waters and Pelosi should have been voted out of office or impeached years ago. Neither of them are functioning with their full mental capacity, if you catch my drift. One of my favorite German expressions is roughly translated – ‘roof damage’ – referring to a person and not a building. That describes Waters.

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