President Clinton Fired His FBI Director, but No One Hollered Foul

Most of my life I’ve heard about women being fickle and always changing their minds. Compared to today’s Democrats, women are not nearly as fickle as many believe. For months, congressional Democrats have been calling for James Comey to resign as Director of the FBI. Many even called for President Trump to fire him. Now that Trump has fired him, the same Democrats are crying foul and cover-up. They forget that just a few months after taking office, President Bill Clinton fired the Director of the FBI.

The president has the sole authority to fire the director of the FBI under the law, but it’s only happened once before President Donald Trump terminated James Comey Tuesday.

The only other president to fire an FBI director was Bill Clinton in the summer of 1993. During Clinton’s first few months in office, he repeatedly asked FBI director William Sessions, a President Ronald Reagan appointee, to resign in the wake of numerous ethics allegations from the Department of Justice.

Sessions was known for outrageous personal use of FBI travel resources, and had lost the trust of his own bureau. A Justice Department report from January 1993 alleged that Sessions routinely used FBI planes and cars and staff time for personal use…

Former President Bill Clinton, like Barack Obama seemed to be able to do anything without any serious repercussions. Yet, the same people that condoned the things that Clinton and Obama got away with, are busing condemning President Donald Trump foe everything, no matter how minor or legal they are.

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