Pollster Reveals Democrats Unhappy with Party’s Scorched-Trump Actions

Democrats across the nation were sure they had taken enough illegal measures to ensure a victory in last November’s election, that they were not at all prepared for Donald Trump to win the White House.

Several states run by Democrats passed legislation that automatically registered people to vote when they obtained or renewed a valid state’s driver’s license. Those same states issued driver’s licenses to untold numbers of illegal aliens, thus opening the door for them to cast illegal votes for the Democrat of their choice. Other methods of illegal voting were reported as well, but even with several million illegal votes for Hillary Clinton, Trump still seized victory, much to the shock and horror of congressional Democrats.

Unwilling to accept being defeated at the polls, congressional Democrats have taken a scorched-earth approach to everything President Donald Trump attempts to do, hence the title referring to the scorched-Trump actions. Many congressional Democrats have vowed to oppose and block everything Trump and Republicans propose. Regardless of how good the legislation is, they will oppose it, just because they are still pouty sore losers throwing a 4-month long temper tantrum.

A recent poll taken by Rasmussen Reports, indicates that the majority of likely Democrat voters believe that the scorch-Trump actions of congressional Democrats have not been successful. Asked about President Trump’s first 100-days in office, Rasmussen reported:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 11% of Likely Democratic Voters believe efforts by the Democrats to oppose Trump during his first 100 days in office were successful. Twenty-four percent (24%) of Democrats think those efforts were a failure, while most (63%) say they’re somewhere in between. (To see survey question wording, click here.)”

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“A plurality (42%) of Republicans say efforts by national Democrats to oppose Trump in his first 100 days were a failure, while 16% say they were a success. Another 38% say those efforts by Democrats were somewhere in between a success and a failure. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party, 36% say failure, 10% say success and 46% say somewhere in between.”

“Among all likely voters, 13% believe attempts by national Democrats to roadblock the president were a success. Thirty-four percent (34%) think efforts by Democrats to oppose Trump were a failure, while another 49% say those efforts were somewhere in between.”

It’s interesting that the same congressional Democrats who have been involved in their scorched-Trump actions on Capitol Hill are also pointing out to the media and America that Trump has failed to accomplish very much in his first 100-days in office. They blame his failures on Trump when in fact ALL of Trump’s failures are due to congressional Democrats and liberal activist judges who think they have more authority and power than the President of the United States.

In some ways, the scorched-Trump actions of some Democrats have been all too successful in stopping the President from fulfilling some of his major campaign promises. Their actions also clearly demonstrate that congressional Democrats care nothing for the American people or their safety. Virtually every effort Trump has made to protect America and Americans is being blocked by pouting Democrats, who place their agenda over our national security.

If nothing else, they should all be arrested and charged with conspiring against the United States and endangering the 321 million American citizens.



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