Police Get Hateful Receipt from New Jersey Restaurant

For the past eight years, Barack Obama created an atmosphere of hate and distrust for law enforcement officers. He made many black and Hispanic activists feel empowered to take out their racial hatred on police officers. It will take years to undo the damage caused by Obama and his disciples and incidents like what happened at a New Jersey restaurant are certain to continue until the American people change.

The owner of a New Jersey restaurant is apologizing for a receipt left for a police officer that had the words “cops,” “pigs” and “puercos” written on it. Puercos is a Spanish word for “pigs.”

The receipt — which came from Romanelli’s Garden Cafe, in Galloway — made its way around social media, sparking controversy and eventually prompting an apology from the restaurant’s owner, Drew Huggard.

In a statement on Facebook, Huggard said he found the message on the receipt “very gross and disrespectful.”…

I have friends and family who are or were in law enforcement and although there are a few bad cops out there, very few of these liberals realize the danger police face every day they leave their home. Their wives, husbands and kids never know for certain if they will ever see their police husband, wife, father or mother, ever again. They lay their lives on the line every day, even for the same liberals that disrespect and hate them.

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