Pence Launches PAC in Midst of Trump Turmoil

Many are trying to speculate as the motive behind Vice President Mike Pence’s move to launch a Political Action Committee. Is he just trying to help raise funds that could be used for other Republicans running for office or are his motives closer to home? A person close to Pence says the PAC is being formed to help boot and promote President Trump’s agenda.

A day after the so-called ‘Comey memo’ ricocheted through Washington and effectively resulted in the naming of a special counsel to probe what President Trump once called “this Russia thing,” Vice President Pence filed paperwork to launch his own political action committee.

The move is sure to stoke speculation about the VP’s future plans – though it also could simply be an effort to boost Republican allies on Capitol Hill.

Paperwork for the Great America Committee was filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission. As a leadership PAC, the group would be able to raise money that could then be channeled to fellow Republicans’ congressional campaigns…

It’s very possible that Pence is just trying to help shore up the floundering Republican Party and nothing more. It’s too early to be launching a campaign run of his own, or is it. Could it be possible that Pence is looking 3 years down the road and setting things in motion for something yet to be announced? I know he would get my vote.

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