Obama’s Lax Immigration Enforcement Allowed 740,000 Foreigners to Over Stay Visas in 2016

The Obama administration enforced federal immigration laws as well as a pedophile protects kids. They allowed nearly 100,000 illegal minors to gain entry and stay in the US. A number of these illegal minors carried contagious diseases and in many areas, they nearly bankrupt schools trying to deal with all of the different languages. Now we learn that just in 2016, the failure to enforce immigration laws allowed 740,000 foreigners to remain in the US on expired visas.

Nearly 740,000 people, more than the population of Alaska, overstayed their U.S. visas last year, the Homeland Security Department said Monday.

A large percent of those were students and foreign exchange visitors — 79,818 — who were supposed to leave in 2016 but didn’t.

China had the largest number of student overstays, followed by Saudi Arabia, South Korea, India and Brazil, the department said…

Hopefully, the Trump administration will start following up on these expired visas and begin sending people back to their own country. Just imagine how many jobs would freed-up if the 740,000 people with expired visas were deported, opening up that many jobs for American citizens. That would be huge for the American economy.

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