Obama’s Former CIA Director Testifies Against Trump

The Obama administration was the most corrupt and dishonest administration in American history, starting with Obama and many of his close staff and Cabinet members. The list of their crimes and lies would fill volumes and volumes. Knowing that, it’s hard to believe anything that John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA Director testifies to as he was part of the corrupt regime.

  • John O. Brennan, the former director of the C.I.A., said publicly for the first time Tuesday that he was concerned about possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.
  • President Trump asked two top intelligence officials to deny the existence of any evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia, former officials said. Both of the intelligence officials are testifying before lawmakers on Tuesday.

Mr. Brennan, the former C.I.A. director, said Tuesday that he became concerned last year that the Russian government was trying to influence members of the Trump campaign to act — wittingly or unwittingly — on Moscow’s behalf…

If Brennan knew about any collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign last year, then why wasn’t it made public or anything legally done to stop it before the election? Why did all of this alleged collusion only come out after the election if they knew about it a year ago?




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