Obama’s Egyptian Buddies Slaughter Christians in Bus

In 2011, Barack Obama supported the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Obama supported the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood as the new ruling political party in Egypt. Mohamed Morsi became the new President of Egypt and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi proclaimed that he wanted to establish the new Caliphate with Egypt being the center. He also told Egyptians that they needed to be Muslim, convert to Islam, pay a special tax if not Muslim or leave the country. However, within months of his proclamation, Egyptian police and members of the Muslim Brotherhood began a campaign of terror against the countries Coptic Christians, who comprised about 10% of the nation’s population.

With the blessing and encouragement of Morsi, police and Muslims raided the homes, businesses and churches of Christians. Many of the homes, businesses and churches were looted and then burned to the ground. Christian men were beaten, tortured and murdered. The same thing happened to many Christian children. Christian women were raped before they were beaten and killed.

Congress reacted by deeming Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. They froze millions of dollars that had been appropriated to Egypt. They also froze the sale of weapons, specifically, 20 fighter jets.

Even though the Egyptian government sanctioned the genocide of Christians, Obama defied Congress and released the millions of dollars and the sale of the fighter jets to the terrorist run nation. Shortly thereafter, Morsi’s government was overthrown, but the Christian genocide continued.

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Even though the Egyptian Brotherhood has been removed from governmental power, they are still alive and terrorizing Egypt’s Christians.  One report stated that a mob of Muslims stopped a young Coptic Christian woman’s car, dragged her out onto the street in Cairo where they beat her and stabbed her death.  Her crime?  She had a cross hanging from the rearview mirror in her car.  Mary Sameh George was only 25 years old and on her way to deliver medicine to an elderly woman who was ill.  The attack was so brutal that pieces of her scalp were torn off, her throat was slit and then her car was torched.

Obama never condemned Egypt’s government or the Muslims for brutal genocide of Christians. He was too busy accusing US troops of disrespecting Muslims. Obama was quick to condemn the murder of black Americans, Muslim, but rarely if ever did he ever condemn anyone for killing white Americans or Christians.

In the latest incident, a group of 8 to 10 Muslim gunmen, dressed in military uniforms, stormed a bus carrying Coptic Christians. According to one report:

“Twenty-eight people, including children, have been killed and 22 wounded in a gun attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of Cairo, the latest in a series of terrorist incidents targeting the religious minority in Egypt.”

“Local media reported witnesses saying that between eight and 10 gunmen, dressed in military uniform, carried out the attack. Egypt’s interior ministry said the attackers, travelling in four-wheel-drives, ‘fired indiscriminately’ at a car, bus and a truck in the al-Idwah district outside Minya, roughly 135 miles (220km) south of Cairo.”

“Activists monitoring the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt said the convoy was attacked as the group drove along an unpaved desert road en route to the monastery of Saint Samuel, located close to Maghagha. The convoy was carrying worshippers and workers to the holy site.”

Every time you see a report like this, remember that these are the people that Barack Obama supported, financed and armed. Hillary Clinton also supported the Muslim Brotherhood and also never condemned the Muslim genocide of Christians. Had she become president, she would have followed Obama’s example and found a way to blame the Christians for being slaughtered, not the Muslim gunmen.


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