Obama Unveils Extravagant Presidential Library Center

Barack and Michelle Obama lived a very lavish lifestyle during their eight years of living off the American people. They demonstrated that they did not really care for the American people, including military and law enforcement. The only thing the Obamas cared about was themselves and padding their own bank accounts. Therefore, it was no surprise to see the planned Presidential Library Center looking so extravagant and standing a lot taller than any of the surrounding area.

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday unveiled plans for his Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park, where he said his goal — along with former first lady Michelle — is to “create something for the future, something that looked forward, not backwards.”

“It’s about hope. It’s about belief. It’s about a story that our kids tell themselves when they see a world-class institution in their community, populated by people who come from their community, then they have a sense of importance,” Obama said at the South Shore Cultural Center. “And that ultimately is what I want to give back because that’s what Chicago gave to me.”

Flanked by drawings and renderings of the center, Obama discussed the project with the former first lady seated in the front row. Obama also announced the former first couple will donate $2 million to fund a summer jobs program in Chicago.

If it were left up to me, the only center or legacy appropriate for the Obamas would be adjoining prison cells, next to Hillary and Bill Clinton. Obama was by far the worst and most corrupt person ever to live in the White House and the Clintons weren’t much better. They don’t deserve an extravagant center.

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