Obama Accused of Directing Navy Off Course

For the past eight years, Barack Obama has intentionally taken America’s military might, the most powerful in the world, and knocked it down to a much smaller, lesser equipped mediocre world military power. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support our military men and women, but they can only do with what they are given and instead of being given what they needed to remain the world’s preeminent military power, Obama kept taking away more and more. Now, Dennis Avery of Townhall accuses Obama of steering the US Navy off course.

President Obama didn’t just leave his military assets sitting in the garage—he set them to playing useless global warming games. Recently I reviewed the U.S. Navy’s planning documents from 2008–2015. It’s no fault of the Navy’s, but they were directed to accept the IPCC’s overheated claims of parboiled disaster as ultimate truth.

Thus, the Navy planned that many of their naval bases would be put out of action by rapid sea level rise and far stronger storms, just as the calamity criers predicted. They were told to expect an ice-free Arctic swarming with Russia’s subs and undersea miners. New trade though the suddenly ice-free Northwest Passage would require more Coast Guard cutters and more icebreakers. Fuel prices would soar, making biofuels crucial to our military. Meanwhile, the ships would have to rescue hundreds of thousands of people from sinking islands and failed coastal states like Somalia.

An acquaintance of mine who is in the US Navy, told me that Obama was an insult to the position of Commander in Chief. At times, he considered resigning his commission as a Naval officer because of Obama, but then realized that his country needed him and he was too close to reaching retirement status, which would have given his family some financial stability. If not for those two things, he would never have remained in the Navy that ‘Obama assaulted, robbed, raped and disgraced’ – his words, not mine.


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