NY Times Says Allowing Students to Protect Themselves on Campus is ‘Bizarre Premise’

I’ve been saying it for years that anti-Second Amendment liberals don’t care about anyone’s personal safety. All they care about is their warped agenda to disarm the American people and trample on our constitutional rights. A recent editorial in the New York Times supports my claim. The editorial said that to allow students to conceal carry on college campuses for the purpose of self-defense is a ‘bizarre premise’.

I am awestruck at the audacity of New York Times. On May 15, their editorial board claimed that allowing campus carry, and allowing college students being able to fire back when under attack is a ‘bizarre premise”. So it is bizarre to let college students protect themselves now?

I’ll tell you what is bizarre, liberals and their BS logic!

Breitbart reports:

The editorial board was particularly bothered by Arkansas and Georgia, both of which legalized campus carry earlier this year, bringing the total number of campus states to 11. (The NYT reports that 10 states have legalized campus carry, but the number is actually 11… 

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The author of the editorial is undoubtedly one of the liberals that support gun control laws that require gun owners to keep their guns at home unloaded and locked up. How is that supposed to help a person protect their home and family? The basic premise of editorials like this is that they prefer that you or your wife or daughter be attacked and raped on campus rather than being granted the constitutional right to carry a weapon with which to protect themselves.




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