North Korea Vows to Gain More Nuclear Weapons

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un reminds of Oliver Twist, only not as polite. In the Charles Dickens classic, orphaned Oliver Twist was starving for food and politely asked: ‘Please sir, I want some more.’ Kim is starving for power and world attention but instead of asking politely for more, he is defiantly telling the world that he wants more and more nuclear weapons. Allowing Kim to possess nuclear weapons is more dangerous that allowing a wild kid to play with nitroglycerin. The results are explosive and deadly.

As tensions continue to escalate between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korea said on Monday that it will strengthen its nuclear force “to the maximum.”

A spokesman for the North Korea foreign ministry claimed its latest threat came in direct response to mounting warnings by the U.S. that it would no longer stand by while North Korea tests its nuclear arsenals.

Last week, President Donald Trump said a “major, major conflict” with North Korea has been a possibility. The U.S. has sent an aircraft carrier group to the waters off North Korea to carry out drills with South Korea.

Kim knows that the United States, Japan, Philippines and China do NOT want a regional or world war and he is using that knowledge to push the limit as far as possible, kind of like a kid who continues to misbehave, knowing that his or her parents will just yell and nothing more. The only way to stop a kid like that is a good spanking and that may be the only way to stop Kim, is a strong military spanking.

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