North Korea Detains 4th American Citizen

North Korea continues to be defiant to the United States and the rest of world. They have now detained a 4th American citizen, another college professor and have accused him of hostile acts against North Korea. If they want to play that game, then I’m sure there are a number of North Korean citizens currently here in the US that could be arrested or detained for suspicion of spying, but American usually does not retaliate in that manner.

North Korea has detained another American who worked at a private university in Pyongyang, taking to four the number of U.S. citizens being held by Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Kim Hak-song, who worked for the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, was detained Saturday, North Korea’s state news agency said.

Kim was arrested on suspicion of “hostile acts” against North Korea, the official Korean Central News Agency said. “A relevant institution is now conducting a detailed investigation into his crimes,” it said.

Considering the current tensions with North Korea, President Donald Trump should order all American citizens out of North Korea immediately. The United Nations, if they had the guts, should order a blockade around North Korea and a no-fly zone in the area. If North Korea puts anything in the air or water, it should be shot down and sunk, no questions asked.

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