North Korea Continues Arms Race with Testing of New Anti-Aircraft Defense System

Fearing airstrikes from enemies, North Korea tested a new anti-aircraft defense system. Previous tests had problems that have been worked out according to Kim Jong-un. With the successful test, Kim says they can now defend against any aerial attack and plans to begin mass production and deployment throughout the nation. While this may seem to be a defensive move, it can also be seen as a sign of their preparation for aggression against South Korea and their allies, including the US.

North Korea tested a new anti-aircraft system that leader Kim Jong Un says will “completely spoil the enemy’s dream to command the air,” the state news agency reported Sunday, following weeks of ballistic missile tests.

The KCNA news agency said glitches detected in an earlier test have been “perfectly overcome,” paving the way for the weapon to be mass produced and deployed nationwide, according to SkyNews.

State media reported the new weapon system is designed to “detect and strike different targets flying from any location.” …

It’s obvious that all attempts to get North Korea to deescalate their war-like aggression and intentions have been a failure, falling on deaf ears. The hard the world’s nation press, the more determined Kim becomes. He reminds me of the time I watched a gopher stand in defiance of a large earth mover. In the end, the defiant gopher was destroyed.

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