Navy Vet Drives into Time Square Crowd Killing 1, Injuring 22 Others

Anytime a vehicle drives into a crowd of people, everyone panics and think it is an act of terrorism. However, authorities say that when the 26-year-old Navy veteran ran his car onto the busy and crowded sidewalks along Time Square, that it was not an act of terrorism. The driver has a long history of driving under the influence. The incident has left 1 dead and 22 injured at last report.

A driver with a history of drunken driving arrests plowed through crowds of pedestrians on packed sidewalks along three Times Square blocks Thursday, killing one person and injuring 22 others, officials said, touching off mayhem in one of the world’s most famous and busiest plazas.

The driver, Richard Rojas, 26, was taken into custody after a traffic agent tackled him as he fled from his car, a maroon Honda that came to a stop after ramming into stanchions at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway.

The panic provoked by a car speeding on sidewalks in the heart of Manhattan immediately evoked the specter of terrorism, but law enforcement officials said they had determined that did not seem to have a role in the episode…

As this incident is thoroughly investigated, we will learn more as to what led to this vehicular attack. Some reports say he was posting ‘crazy stuff’ before the accident, others hint that it could be just another driving under the influence incident. Regardless, the Navy vet who was quickly taken into custody, will face enough charges to keep him locked up for a very long time.

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