Is Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Really a Game Changer?

Computer, software and mobile phone technology is a fiercely competitive industry. Anyone who pauses or blinks can find themselves left far behind the rest of the field. Supposedly, that’s why Microsoft introduced their new Surface Laptop, in hopes of picking up billions of dollars in sales from college and high school students. Forbes asked several experts if it really is the game changer that Microsoft is claiming it to be.

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop looks like a nice piece of hardware. But why did Microsoft make it?

Here’s what Microsoft said in its press release about the laptop that starts at $999: “To bring the streamlined performance, simplicity and security of Windows 10 S to university students, Microsoft is expanding the Surface family of devices with Surface Laptop.”

I asked some well-informed observers who tried to answer the question posed above — both about the laptop and its pairing with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS (Microsoft’s Windows 10 S FAQ here.) Note that few people, outside of Microsoft, have spent a lot of time with the laptop and reviews aren’t in yet.

Consensus says that it’s an odd match of hardware and software, but the reasonable price of only $999 is meant to offset the paradox of the mismatch. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to fit in book bags and carry to and from school. The software allows it to compete with some of Apple’s products. Time will only tell if the new Microsoft laptop will be a success or a technological flop.

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