Microsoft Build Makes Huge Announcement

Many of us are PC users and like it or not, we rely on Microsoft software for some of our primary computer needs such as an operating system. Both Microsoft and Apple have to continually upgrade and produce new software to stay in the race for consumer dollars. At the recent convention, Microsoft unveiled their newest innovations for Windows 10, which they hope to make available this Fall.

Microsoft just wrapped up its day-two Build 2017 keynote, and this is the one that was filled with news that’s more important to consumers and the company’s loyal fans. Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, and other executives shared the stage to reveal details about the upcoming year for Windows 10, a new design philosophy for all Microsoft apps, the company’s mixed reality efforts, and much more. The presentation covered a lot and wasted little time, but here’s the biggest news that came from today:

The name might be familiar, but Microsoft’s next big Windows update has a different focus than 3D productivity. The Fall Creators Update, likely to arrive in September, aims to bring aspects of the Windows experience everywhere you go. There’s a big focus on cross-device experiences: you start something on your Surface and finish it on your iPhone, or vice versa. “Windows PCs will love all of your devices,” Joe Belfiore said on stage.

Your files, activities, and other content will seamlessly travel across devices and just be there — if the system works as Microsoft promises. Cortana will ask if you want to resume where you left off when you switch between products, and a new Timeline feature provides an encompassing view of what you’ve been working on and the apps you’ve been using…

If you are like me, you almost dread every new software update and improvement. It seems that just as you get used to the last changes, someone is rolling out a new set of changes and upgrades. However, if you are a techy, then you are probably anxiously waiting for the Fall when the new version of Windows 10 hits the store chelves.

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