Media Telling Lies About Comey Firing

The only sure thing anyone can say about the mainstream media is that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anyone or anything. They are so biased to the liberal left that they report lies about them to make them look better to the general public. Their biase against the conservative right is why they report lies and twist the truth to make conservative look as evil and vile as possible to the general public. Such is the case with the dealings of President Trump and former FBI Director Comey.

The great John Nolte should be profusely thanked for his constant efforts at unmasking the real progenitors of “fake news” in the mainstream media. This week he has laid bare their lies by focusing his time on one story in particular – the sad saga of former FBI Director James Comey.

Over the last week or so the media has breathlessly reported on every little whisper that has escaped from Washington, D.C. and for the most part – much of what they’ve told us has been wrong. Sadly, this is a common refrain from today’s media who can’t seem to get out of their own way and constantly seem to be tripping over their own failures and falsehoods. It’s almost as if the media has an agenda that they are trying to promote and they are willing to sacrifice their reputation if it means pushing that agenda forward.

In their attempts to use the Comey story to undermine the Trump administration they’ve sacrificed every iota of reputation and been unmasked as the biased hypocrites we’ve always suspected them to be…

The sad part about the constant lies and truth-twisting of the mainstream media is that so many gullible people believe them. They’re too lazy to check and find out the truth for themselves. Or they simply want to believe the distortions being reported because of their socialistic education in the public school system.

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