Mass Stabbing at University of Texas

One thing that’s difficult for liberals to understand is that when guns are not readily available, a person determined to commit violence on others will find a way. Violence has nothing to do with the availability of guns, but entirely on the person. Such is the case of a mass stabbing reported at the University of Texas campus in Austin. Preliminary reports indicate that 1 person is dead and at least 3 wounded.

One person is dead and three others have been taken to the hospital after a reported stabbing attack on the University of Texas campus Monday afternoon, according to Austin-Travis County EMS.

University police said they have a suspect in custody and that the public is not in any immediate threat. Officials are asking the public to avoid the area near 21st Street and Speedway.

Around 1:46 p.m. emergency officials first responded to the stabbing near Gregory Gym at 2101 Speedway.

EMS reported that they have taken three people with potentially serious injuries to University Medical Center Brackenridge.

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If liberals truly believe their rhetoric that violence will be reduced if guns are banned, then the mass stabbing that took place at the UT campus should prompt them to push for more knife control. After all, if guns cause violence, then in this case, knives caused violence, so shouldn’t we have universal background checks for purchasing or possessing a knife? Ludicrous yes, but it clearly demonstrates the illogic nature of the liberal arguments for gun control.




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