Liberals Still Questioning if Comey Fired Due Russia Investigation

Democrats are at a stage where they complain no matter what is happening. They were demanding that FBI Director James Comey be fired or resign, so when Trump fired Comey, Democrats complained and called it coverup over the FBI investigation into the alleged Russian interference with the US elections. As far as Democrats are concerned, it’s damn if Republicans do and damn if Republicans don’t. In reality, they don’t care about the truth or the American people.

This much is clear: President Trump’s stated rationale for firing James Comey makes no sense.

The president justified the FBI director’s abrupt dismissal on Tuesday with a memo from Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, in which Rosenstein systematically laid out an indictment of how Comey handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email address and private email server while she was secretary of state. Rosenstein charged that Comey had “usurp[ed]” the attorney general’s authority by publicly recommending making no charges, overstepped his bounds by criticizing Clinton during a press conference, and then alerting Congress about newly found emails on the eve of the election.

These may be good reasons to question Comey’s leadership and even to remove him, but it is all but impossible to believe that Trump believes them, because Trump has criticized Comey for dealing with Clinton too lightly all along. The day that Comey announced he was not recommending charges against her, Trump tweeted:…

Six months after losing the election, Democrats are still unwilling to accept the fact that the American people and system elected Donald Trump fair and square. No, they can’t accept the truth, but then few liberals want to hear the truth or let the American people hear the truth. James Comey screwed up in his testimony and several other factors. It was also released that Trump was advised to fire Comey by others and he only concurred.

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