Liberals Irate Over Trump’s Praise of Police

Barack Obama waged a war against law enforcement and blamed them for some of his own racist actions. He also encouraged liberal black activists to wage war against police. Now, the tables have been turned and liberals are fuming over President Donald Trump’s praise of law enforcement. He told them that true social justice starts with safety and peace, not the constant violence.

President Donald Trump knows how to rile up the left. Normally it’s by making offhanded remarks about his political battles, but on Monday he did it the “old-fashioned” conservative way… by praising our nation’s police officers.

There is nothing liberals hate more than the men and women in blue who work so hard and risk so much to protect and serve us all. So when President Trump stood to honor those brave men and women they were already upset with him, but what he said angered them even more.

During a great speech, praising our nation’s officers the President argued that “True Social Justice” comes when there is safety and peace on our streets…

What Obama promoted was a nation of anarchy, which suited liberals just fine. However, Trump is trying to calm things down and restore peace to America’s streets, which goes totally against what liberal and socialist activists want. They need civil unrest in order to push their agenda, but they can’t do it if these are calming down.

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