Liberals Fail to Rewrite History in Alabama

Liberal activists have been busy trying to rewrite history. Instead of recognizing history for what it is and something that cannot be changed, liberal activists prefer to try to change history into something that never happened. They live in a fantasy world where they see hate at every turn, instead of seeing the truth of something past and something to avoid repeating. Such is the case with Civil War statues and monuments in the South.

As if it weren’t enough for the liberals of our nation to control the current historical narrative via their stranglehold on the mainstream media, the left has been intimately involved in revising past history as well.

One of their favorite targets has been the American Civil War, and it’s a fairly transparent tactic.

The left has spent countless decades attempting to vilify the South by publicly shaming them for the slavery that “caused the Civil War”, when, in fact, the war itself was truly and unequivocally a result of northern lawmakers’ attempts to sabotage the sovereignty provided by states’ rights as the nation continued westward in Manifest Destiny.  Truth aside, the slavery story is what children are taught in schools across the non-southern United States.

Now, in modern context, the left has allowed a sneaky game of association to play out…

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Rewriting history is nothing new. White supremacists try to deny that the Holocaust took place during World War II Germany. They ignore the tons of history, photos, eyewitnesses and survivors. They figure by denying it ever happen will somehow justify their cause. Now, black activists are trying to remove everything associated with the Civil War in hopes that it will somehow change history and help further their racist cause.




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