Liberals Crying Over Sessions’ Rolling Back of Obama’s ‘Get or Jail’ Policies

Barack Obama worked to give rights to homosexuals, illegal aliens, black and Hispanic activists and criminals. At the same time, he waged a war against every descent conservative law abiding American citizens. He pushed rules that allowed many criminals to receive reduced jail time or no jail time at all. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing and repealing many of the liberal anti-jail policies of the Obama administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing policy changes set in place by the Obama administration that eliminated harsh punishments for low-level drug crimes and could direct federal prosecutors to again charge drug offenders with crimes carrying the most severe penalties, according to U.S. officials.

The change, if adopted, would overturn a memo by then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. that instructed prosecutors to avoid charging low-level defendants with drug offenses that would trigger severe mandatory minimum sentences. Only defendants who met certain criteria, such as not belonging to a large-scale drug trafficking organization, a gang or a cartel, qualified for the lesser charges under Holder’s instructions.

If new charging instructions are implemented, it would mark the first significant move by the Trump administration to bring back the drug war’s toughest practices — methods that had fallen out of favor in recent years as critics pointed to damaging effects of mass incarceration…

For one, I believe that Sessions is doing the right thing in rolling back Obama’s lenient rules and returning jail and prison sentences to what they should be. Personally, I would also do away with early release or parole. If a person is sentenced to 25-years in prison then they spend 25-years in prison and not a day less. Jail and prison should be a place that deters criminals, not supports their evil ways.

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