Liberals Convicted for Outburst During Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Code Pink is best described as a feminist left-wing activist group. They claim to be a grassroots group who promote social justice. Don’t forget that social justice is the new politically correct term for socialism. Saying that, it’s no surprise that they are intolerant against conservatives. It also explains their rude interruptions during the confirmation hearings of Jeff Sessions. Several members of the group were arrested and not convicted for their disruptive actions.

A jury convicted three Code Pink activists on Wednesday for disrupting Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing earlier this year, including one who apparently laughed during the hearing.

Desiree Fairooz, who dressed up as a pink version of Lady Liberty, was found guilty on charges of parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct, The New York Times reported.

Two other Code Pink activists, Tighe Barry and Lenny Bianchi, were reportedly acquitted on a count of disorderly conduct but were convicted on two separate charges of parading or demonstrating during the hearing.

I’ve noticed over the years that when conservatives protest, they generally, not always, but generally do so in an orderly, obedient and polite fashion. When liberals protest, they usually do so in a very rude, ill-mannered and aggressive fashion. They are disruptive and totally intolerant of everyone who holds a different view than they do.

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