Liberal Obama Receives Liberal Award

If you were to award Barack Obama with any kind of honor, what would it be? I’m sure you would not award him anything as prestigious as the john F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, but that’s what Obama received in Boston on Sunday. The award supposedly awards the outstanding courage displayed by a political leader, which prompts me to ask what in the world did Obama ever do that was courageous enough to deserve such an award?

Former President Barack Obama will be in Boston Sunday to receive the annual John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Named for the country’s 35th president, the award is “the nation’s preeminent award for elected officials and public servants,” according to website of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

“During a time of increasing public cynicism, recognizing and honoring our courageous political leaders has never been more important,” said a statement on the website.

IF, and that’s a big IF, I was to give Obama any kind of award, it would be for being the most corrupt and traitorous leader this nation has ever had. I would probably name it something like the Benedict Arnold-Jesse James Award for Treason and Criminal Acts. I would also give him the award as they locked him in a prison cell and welded the lock shut.

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