Only Leftists Not Guilty of Hate

Between the mainstream media, majority of college campuses and public schools, along with the Democratic Party, everyone who is not part of the liberal left, is automatically labeled as being a hater. The truth is that they are the ones so filled with hate, that they accuse everyone else of their own attitudes while claiming their white and snow pure innocence. But who is it that walks out of classes, riots, sets fires, and protests over the slightest descent thing?

Chelsea Clinton is a good example. While speaking recently at the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE), she revealed her complete intolerance for President Donald Trump, Republicans and conservatives in general, saying:

“I completely agree that we have to always start by listening and calling out and giving a platform, and encouraging, particularly, those who are and have been structurally disempowered and often forcibly silenced.”

“I think though that we also have to recognize particularly at this moment that sexism is not an opinion, Islamophobia is not an opinion, racism is not an opinion, homophobia is not an opinion, jingoism is not an opinion……So I think that we, in our posture of listening, also have to get comfortable with standing up and speaking out.”

In other words, anyone who stand up for sound, conservative, moral, American and Christian values are racists, homophones and Islamophobes. Speak about having an intolerant attitude!

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In addition, take a look at how so many college students have been reacting to Republicans. When Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke at the commencement ceremony at Bethune-Cookman University, a number of students rudely walked out of the commencement.

When Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the graduation commencement ceremony at Notre Dame University, more students rudely rose and left the auditorium.

When political news commentator Anne Coulter was scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, students protested and threatened violence if the university allowed her to speak. The event was subsequently cancelled.

The University of Arizona is offering to hire students and pay them $10 per hour to act as Social Justice Advocates. From what the university has stated, these advocates will be paid to watch out for and report any conservatives so that the school can silence them and prevent them from speaking out and telling the truth about today’s America.

Some social media sites censor anything written against LGBTs, Muslims or minorities. Even posts that criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were censored and sometimes removed for being racist, homophone or Islamophobe. Yet, posts criticizing Christianity, conservative value and people were allowed to remain.

Liberal leftist media outlets began labeling anything that supported conservative, Christian and even patriotic values as being ‘fake news’ in order to blacklist them in an effort to silence them. Yet, liberal media outlets were allowed to print obviously ‘fake news’ without any consequences.

Robert Knight, Senior Fellow with the American Civil Rights Union and guest columnist for conservative media outlets like Townhall and OneNewsNow, wrote a piece for OneNewsNow titled Guilty of hate until proven leftist. In that post, Knight summed up today’s America when he wrote:

“In today’s academia and ‘mainstream’ media, we’re all guilty of hate until proven leftist.”


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