Did You Know That Your Urination Habits Could Lead to Permanent Kidney Damage?

This is true for both men and women, but it seems that it affects women far more often than men. Many women pride themselves on having ‘iron bladders’ where they can hold the urge to urinate for most of a busy day. However, having that ‘iron bladder’ and holding the urine for hours on end may lead to urinary tract infections, kidney infections and even permanent kidney damage.

Many women develop urinary tract infections (UTIs) in their young adult lives, especially after childbirth, but as many women reach the age of 40 and older, those infections can get worse, more frequent and can cause other complications that can be quite serious. In fact, millions of women suffer from urinary tract infections.

The majority of UTIs are caused by bacterial infections, with Escherichia coli being the major culprit. Sometimes they can be caused by fungi, tilt of the bladder, diabetes, obesity and even sexual intercourse. Most of you already know the common symptoms – urges to urinate more frequently, burning and itching while urinating, smelly urine that appears cloudy and sometimes tints of pink or a dark-cola red color. It can also cause pain in the pelvic area.

Treatment is generally done with the use of antibiotics, but did you know that you need to know if your infection is a Gram-positive or Gram-negative? The most common bacterial caused UTIs are Gram-negative, and treatment generally focuses on that type of infection. However, some women can contract a Gram-positive infection and if given the same medication, it can make the infection worse or present other negative side effects.

But are you aware that your urinary habits can actually increase the chances of developing a bacterial UTI? Additionally, the same urinary habits could lead to more serious conditions…

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Give your pride and start urinating more frequently. Urinating on a regular basis every couple to several hours, helps keep the bladder flushed out, making it more difficult for bacteria to build up and cause an infection. Drink lots of water and even try taking cranberry supplements. Your bladder and kidney’s will thank you.




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