Iranian President Disses Trump’s Urging of Isolating Iran

During his recent meeting in Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump urged all of the Muslim led nations to help fight against terrorism and to isolate Iran in hopes of bringing their aggression and nuclear program under control. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded to Trump’s plea by announcing that it will impossible to establish any kind of stability in the region without Iran’s help.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned his US counterpart, Donald Trump, that regional stability cannot be achieved without Tehran’s help.

Mr Trump began a trip to Israel on Monday by saying that it shared a “common cause” with its Arab neighbours in “the threat posed by Iran”.

He also demanded that Iran cease its support of “terrorists and militias”.

Mr Rouhani dismissed the criticism and said it was actually Iran and its allies that were fighting terrorists…

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The world can thank Barack Obama John Kerry for Iran’s return to power. Despite the dire warnings from most of the world, the two traitors cut a deal with Iran that no one believed would be kept. However, Obama freed up hundreds of millions of dollars and opened the doors to trade with Iran and what happened? Iran continued in their defiance of the deal and Obama didn’t have the guts to take action to enforce the deal.




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