Investigation on Russian Probe Expanding to Trump Campaign Adviser

Democrats continue to cry foul and cover-up over President Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey. They claim the move was a deliberate effort on the part of Trump to deter, hinder or sidetrack the federal investigation into possible Russian interference in last November’s election. As they continue to hurl their baseless accusations at Trump, the federal investigation on Russia is moving forward with the request for the bank records of former Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort.

Federal investigators last month reportedly requested bank records of former Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort as a part of a widening probe into potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.   

The Department of Justice requested Manafort’s banking records from Citizens Financial Group Inc. back in mid-April, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. It is unclear if additional banks received similar requests.

Manafort has not been accused of any wrong doing. He has agreed to testify before congressional committees involved…

Congressional Democrats will continue to whine, cry and complain about every tiny thing Trump does. They are still desperately clinging to the hope of finding a reason to remove him from office. What they fail to realize is that if they succeed, Vice-President Mike Pence would become President and he is more conservative than Donald Trump. Yet, many believe that they can find some reason to overturn the election results and still place crooked, lying Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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