Hungary Stopped Problem of Illegal Aliens with Border Wall

In 2006, Congress voted to fund just over 700 miles of border wall to help secure our southern border with Mexico. The vote to fund the border wall was 80 to 19. At the time, the Senate consisted of 55 Republicans and only 45 Democrats, which means that at least 35 Democrats voted to fund the border wall. In fact, records show, and have been verified by the pro-liberal PolitiFact, that then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary and Chuck Schumer all voted to fund the border wall.

Now they claim that a border wall will not work, is too expensive and is no longer needed to protect America. Of course, they are the same people that want to allow the nearly 20 million illegal aliens to remain in the United States so they can take jobs away from American citizens, use up valuable tax dollars needed elsewhere and who can cast illegal votes in US elections.

These anti-American liberals also care nothing about our national security. The nation is plagued with a heroin-opioid epidemic which is most likely the result of Obama’s open border policies. The liberals who have fought to keep the border open and free to the trafficking of illegal drugs, care nothing about the thousands of Americans dying from drug overdoses nor do they care about the tens of thousands of Families destroyed by the drug epidemic.

There has also been a growing number of reports of Muslims illegally entering the United States via Obama’s open border. Ranchers along the border say they have found increasing numbers of Islamic material discarded by illegal aliens and yet. The liberal Democrats such as Obama and Schumer still did nothing to secure the border or protect America. It was as if they were inviting Islamic extremists and terrorists to come to our country and launch their attacks on innocent Americans.

This is the problem that some European nations have been facing since the civil war broke out in Syria, along with the constant violence taking place throughout other parts of the Middle East. Millions of refugees fled from the violence and made their way to Europe. Countries like Hungary and France saw refugees illegally entering their countries.

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France has experienced the danger of allowing so many Islamic refugees to enter their country. No one knows how many Islamic extremists or terrorists were hidden among the refugees. France and Belgium have been rocked by multiple Islamic terrorist attacks against innocent people.

Refugees in Hungary were draining the nation of its resources as well as posing health issues with their camps and many many safety concerns. After welcoming so many refugees, also known as illegal immigrants, Hungarian officials decided they needed to reverse course and take action to prevent any more from entering the country.

To the shock and horror of America’s liberals, Hungary erected a sophisticated border wall along 96 miles of their border. Their new defense system is 14 feet tall double lined fence. It also has razor ribbon, cameras, heat sensors and they are electrically charged. Anyone approaching the wall is greeted by loudspeakers warning them of the dangers and that they are about to violate Hungarian law.

In addition to all of this, their border wall was patrolled by military personnel and ‘border hunters’ who patrol for anyone attempting to cross the fence. I’ve been advocating America brings our troops home and place them along the border to protect Americans instead of people in other countries.

Israel also has miles of border fence that works very efficiently. I’ve previously reported that there is over 120 miles of border fence in the Yuma, Arizona area that has stopped over 90% of illegal border crossing.

I’ve also been advocating that the cost of Trump’s border wall could be cut by around half, possibly more, if they used our military construction units to build the fence. They are already being paid to be in the military, so why not have them build the wall to protect America instead of building in other countries, many of which hate us. The problem is, I have not been able to get Trump’s ear or anyone else associated with his administration to listen to me. If anyone out there does have a contact, I sure would like to share my ideas with them.

Israel, Hungary and Yuma all show that properly constructed border walls do work and drastically reduce the influx of illegal aliens. America desperately needs a good border wall and we need it as soon as possible.


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