HOORAY! Texas First State to Outlaw Sanctuary Cities

Texas is one of four states that border with Mexico, Like the other three states, Texas has a huge problem with the flood of illegal aliens crossing into the state from Mexico. The Texas legislature had the courage to pass a bill to make it illegal for any city to declare itself to be a sanctuary city. Gov. Greg Abbott happily signed the bill into law, making Texas to the only state to take such action.

Protests erupted in the Texas capitol building on Monday over Gov. Greg Abbott’s new law cracking down on ‘sanctuary cities,’ interrupting the final day in this year’s regular session of the Texas Legislature.

Hundreds of protesters chanted in opposition to the new law, forcing House leadership to stop the session and send state troopers to clear the gallery.  

Some protesters held banners that said, “See you in court” and “See you at the polls,” while others chanted “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. SB-4 has got to go.” …

Just because Barack Obama got away with breaking federal immigration laws, doesn’t mean that everyone else can also, I applaud the Texas legislature and Gov. Abbott for doing the right thing. I’ve seen the devastation and high crime resulting from illegal aliens flooding into an area. I’ve watched entire sections of a city be turned from a family friendly area to a dangerous, crime infested ghetto, solely because of illegal aliens.

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