Home Intruders Shot by Armed Uncle [VIDEO]

What would you do if you discovered that your relatives living next door were surprised by armed intruders? That’s what happened to a Houston family this week.

Four armed intruders broke into a house, threatened to shoot the family inside and then tied some of them up with their shoelaces. Twin boys ran to a bedroom and locked the door, but one of the gunman threatened to shoot their sister if the boys didn’t unlock and come out of the bedroom.

During the incident, the father and one another male member of the family were pistol whipped in the back of the head by the armed intruders. While in the house, the intruders stole jewelry and cash.

An uncle lived next door and heard a commotion in his relative’s backyard. He grabbed his gun and when he entered the backyard, he saw one of the gunmen striking a family member in the back of the head with his gun. The uncle shot and wounded that gunman. The three other intruders ran to the back fence and as they were trying to escape over the fence, one of the intruders turned and pointed his gun at the uncle. The uncle fired, killing the gunman where he stood. The other two intruders escaped over the fence and fled the scene.

The father and other family member that were pistol whipped in the back of the head, were taken to the hospital and had their wounds cleaned and stitched up. The gunmen were all wearing ski masks and the police have yet to identify the two that escaped. They do not know at this time if they escaped on foot or had a vehicle waiting.

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The whole time the intruders were in the house, they threatened to shoot the family. Imagine the terror these people experienced during the ordeal and not knowing if they were going to die or not. Had the uncle not shown up when he did with his gun, there is no telling if the family members being pistol whipped would have been more seriously injured.

Incidents like this happen far too often in today’s society. Sometimes, the families being victimized aren’t as fortunate and one or more of them seriously wounded or killed in such a home intrusion.

Now consider the fact that many Democrats have been trying to push legislation that would prevent homeowners, like the uncle, from possessing a gun or to force him to keep his gun unloaded in a locked safe. How ridiculous is it to have a gun for self-defense at home when the gun is kept unloaded and locked in a gun safe or with a trigger lock? What are you supposed to do, ask intruders to stop and wait while you unlock your gun and then load it so you can defend yourself?

That’s exactly what Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg want. Actually, they prefer to make it totally illegal for you to even own a gun. Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fully supported every anti-gun measure passed by the United Nations. Fortunately, there were enough Republicans in the Senate to prevent the UN anti-gun treaties from being signed.

If Democrats get back in control of the White House and Congress, especially the Senate, you can be assured that they will push anti-gun legislation down the throats of Americans just like they did with Obamacare. Then the only people with guns other than the police will be criminals and every law abiding citizen will be left defenseless and subject to becoming the next victim of a brutal crime.


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