Hillary Compares Trump to Nixon

In 1969, Hillary Clinton graduated from the all-girl’s Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She returned to her alma mater to deliver the commencement address. She took the opportunity to share her disappointment over losing the election by slamming President Donald Trump and comparing him to Richard Nixon, the only president who resigned from office to avoid impeachment.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton addressed the graduating class of her alma mater, Wellesley College.

She used the opportunity to wade into current politics and direct a few jokes at President Trump.

“When people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society,” she said. “That is not hyperbole, it is what authoritarian regimes throughout history have done. … They attempt to control reality.” …

Is it a coincidence that Clinton attended an all girl’s college and then goes on to accuse every Republican male of waging a war on women? Many a radical feminist attended all girl schools before waging their war on men. To be honest, the entire nation would be far better off if Hillary rode into the political sunset and leave the nation to people who actually care about the country and the American people

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