Heaven Forbid – Criminals Thwarted by Legally Armed Citizens

Gun control fanatics cringe and get irate every time there is a report of a legally armed citizen using their gun to stop a crime or protect themselves and others from harm. I recall speaking with a man who was very pro-gun control and asked him about all the times that law-abiding people use their guns in self-defense or to stop a crime. His face got red in anger he was trying to hide and then said that he hated it when people use their guns in self-defense. He said he wished they would quit using their guns for good because that only makes it harder to get gun control laws passed. When I asked if people should have the right to defend themselves, he looked me straight in the eye and with a straight and serious look, he said no, they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves with a gun. I asked him how people should protect themselves, and he said he didn’t know, but it shouldn’t be with a gun and that was it.

That seems to be the general attitude of many anti-gun Americans. They have no idea how people should defend themselves or stop crimes in actions, but it shouldn’t be with a gun.

I would love to arrange for that guy I talked to a few years ago to meet and talk with the law-abiding citizens.

The first report is a 62-year-old man who used his legal concealed carry handgun to stop a robbery and possibly save the life of the victim. The incident took place in Ypsilanti, Michigan when an armed man stopped a 54-year-old man and demanded money. The victim had his hand in his pocket and hinted that he had a gun but did not produce it. The older man was a concealed carry permit holder who was at the scene when the attempted robbery took place. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at the robber, who then fled the scene. However, the robber was soon captured was by police after a short chase on foot. The actions of this 62-year-old man with his legal concealed carry weapon demonstrated just how the threat of a victim with gun frightens some criminals and makes them flee. The report didn’t say if the would-robber had wet his pants when looking down the barrel of a gun or not.

The second case to report took place in Evansville, IN. A homeowner discovered an armed masked intruder climbing through his bedroom window before 4am on Sunday. According to police, that’s when the shooting started, after which police were called to the scene, where they found 25-year-old Malcolm Payton lying on the ground outside the house. When first aide was started on Payton, police found a gun under his body. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. Officials say that all of the evidence and information they have says the homeowner acted within the law and at this time, no charges are pending against him.

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No one can say what would have happened to the homeowner if he didn’t have a gun to defend himself. Since the intruder was armed, it’s possible the homeowner may have been injured or killed, but that’s only speculation

However, gun control fanatics would have preferred that the first man just give in to the robber and that the homeowner in Evansville should have just invited the intruder into his home and helped him pack up his valuables and open the door for the intruder as he left with all the loot. If Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg had their way, that’s the only possible acceptable scenario.


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