Is Germany Replacing US Friendship with India’s?

After the NATO meeting in Brussels last week, German Chancellor indicated that her country could no longer count on the US for military support in case it was needed. White House officials say the relationship between Trump and Merkel is fine, but upon returning home to Germany, Merkel met with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in what some believe is a new friendship to replace the one formerly with the US.

It was no doubt planned many months ago, but the timing of Narendra Modi’s short tête-à-tête with Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday will be interpreted as deeply symbolic in Germany and beyond. Could there be something of a pivot to Asia going on in Europe’s economic powerhouse?

The Indian prime minister arrived in Europe after what has already been something of a whirlwind few days for Germany’s chancellor.

First there was a tense Nato summit in Brussels, followed by, to use Frau Merkel’s understated phrasing, a “very difficult” G7 summit in Italy, where differences over climate change were particularly apparent…

India has it’ own economic problems and can’t be nearly as supportive to Germany as the United States. If Germany wants to go it alone, then let them, but in time, Merkel may find it necessary to come crawling back to the US begging for help in more ways than just military support and protection, which Trump already promised.

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