Gas Station Nachos Put Woman in Hospital for 3 Weeks

One always has to be cautious with food times found in less than stellar locations like corner convenience stores and gas stations. You have no idea of the sanitary conditions behind the preparation of the food or the person that has handled it. A prime example is the nacho cheese sauce served at a gas station in the Sacramento area. At least 5 cases of botulism and possibly more, have been reported, with one woman still in the hospital after 3 weeks.

Lavinia Kelly hasn’t been able to speak or breathe on her own since she was hospitalized three weeks ago with botulism, a rare form of food poisoning that she believes she contracted after eating nacho-cheese sauce sold at a Sacramento area gas station. Now, the Sacramento woman is suing the gas station due to her ongoing ordeal.

Sacramento County health officials have confirmed five cases of botulism in patients who ate at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station, and are investigating three other probable cases and one suspect case, with all nine patients still hospitalized. Officials believe the outbreak is linked to nacho cheese sauce that was served at the station, but the exact cause of the poisoning is still under investigation, officials said.

Kelly, who was turning 33 on May 17, was driving home from work as an inventory manager on April 21 when she pulled over at the gas station’s small market for a snack. She picked up a bag of Doritos chips and drizzled them with nacho-cheese sauce, said her partner, Ricky Torres…

I’ve known people who have gotten quite sick eating the prepared wrapped sandwiches one can get at a gas station. The idea of eating something like a nacho cheese sauce from such a location would not be appealing to me in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that none of the are safe. In fact, most are, but like in this case, one never knows.

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