GA Governor Signs Campus Carry Bill into Law

Students attending college in Georgia will now be allowed to carry their permitted concealed carry weapon in most areas on college campuses to help protect themselves. Many colleges and universities are gun-free zones and subsequently experience a number muggings, robberies and sexual assaults. Now that guns will be allowed on campuses, criminals may find themselves serving as cadavers in anatomy classes.

Finally! After much anticipation, Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal signed the Campus Carry Bill! It was a toss up as to whether or not he would sign, because he vetoed the bill last year when it landed on his desk.

While this is a very controversial bill, it is a HUGE step for people such as myself who, prior to this signing, could not legally carry onto campus and protect ourselves.

People are afraid of what they do not understand. Which is the only way I can make sense of people who are against campus carry. They are afraid of guns because of what they have seen the bad guys do with them. However, they do not exactly comprehend that good guys with guns are the people who stop the bad guys with guns.

For two centuries, most Americans were allowed to carry guns anywhere they went. Over the last half century, more liberal Democrats have crept out from their dark hiding places and launched their campaign to strip Americans of their constitutional rights. Slowly, a few conservatives have been restoring some of those rights taken away, like being able to protect yourself.

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