Flynn Never Asked Trump to Block Federal Investigation

President Donald Trump is facing a great deal of heat from Democrats and Republicans over his alleged conversation with former FBI Director James Comey about stopping any investigation into former National Security Advisory Michael Flynn. Some sources have claimed that Flynn asked Trump to intercede on his behalf, but sources close to Flynn say that he never asked Trump for any such action.

Michael Flynn never asked President Trump to interfere or block federal probes, according to people close to the former national security adviser. 

“Flynn never spoke to the president about trying to end or influence any ongoing government investigations of him,” Fox News was told.

The New York Times reported late Tuesday that a memo from James Comey alleged that Trump tried to end the FBI probe of Flynn during a private meeting in mid-February…

Donald Trump rocked the Republican’s boat during the presidential campaign by being a Washington outsider. That one of the things that many voters liked about Trump, he wasn’t a career politician. Some of those same Republicans are still not happy with the political outsider in the White House and, like their Democrat counterparts, are trying to find any little thing to force Trump out of office and it would not surprise me that this whole Comey-Flynn-Russia scandals floating around nothing more than smoke and mirror illusions.

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