First American Combat Death in Somalia Since 1993

While many Americans are familiar with Islamic terrorist groups such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS, few pay any attention or know about al-Shabaab. It operates largely in Somalia as an affiliate of al-Qaeda. President Trump sent some American troops to Somalia to work with the Somali National Army in their fight against the Islamic terrorists. Sadly, 3 US military members were injured, one fatally in the conflict.

A member of the US military has been killed in Somalia, the first confirmed US combat death there since the 1993 disastrous Black Hawk Down incident.

This happened on Thursday during operations against al-Shabab militants about 64km (40 miles) west of the capital Mogadishu, near the town of Barii, the US military says.

Two other US service members were hurt.

US forces were on an “advise and assist” mission with the Somali National Army, the US military says.

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One of the main problems facing American troops in Africa and the Middle East is trying to fight the very terrorists who Obama aided or defended in one way or another. After all, what did anyone expect from a America’s first Muslim president?




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