Finally, Senate Targeting Undeserved Bonuses of Federal Employees

One of the many things that gets taxpayers ire is to learn of federal employees who receive bonuses they really don’t deserve. Most federal employees make more than the average American and then to add insult to injury, some are given bonuses, paid with our tax dollars, for just doing their job and sometimes for not even doing it well, like what happened in the Veterans Administration during the Obama reign of terror.

While much of the news this week revolved around the President’s overseas trip, there was actually some business of the people getting done in Washington. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee actually found an issue where both the Democrats and Republicans could agree. A bill introduced by Nebraska Republican Senator Deb Fischer intended to stop the payment of bonuses to federal employees who commit offenses subject to suspension or firing actually passed through the committee unanimously. There are some holes in it as I’ll explain in a moment, but if much more of this keeps happening I might rethink my long held position that common sense is illegal inside the Beltway. (Government Executive)

A bill barring agencies from awarding bonuses to federal employees who have committed major infractions sailed through a Senate committee Wednesday morning.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted unanimously to send the Stop Improper Federal Bonuses Act (S. 696) to the full Senate for consideration…

According to the report, some federal employees received bonuses for violating federal law and our hard-earned tax dollars are being used to pay those bonuses. How many of you received a bonus in the past couple of years for doing a good job above and beyond what’s expected? Now consider that when you paid your federal income taxes, you were paying to give some people extra for doing wrong.

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