Fewer Democrats Proud to be Americans

The public-school system has been working hard to brainwash young people to grow up hating America and rejecting the patriotism that once prevailed in the United States of America.

When I went to school, we proudly stood, faced the American flag, placed our right hand over our hearts and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. We were taught proper flag etiquette according to the US Flag Code. We were taught about the many great men and women who made America the great nation it once was. We were taught to always stand at attention, take our hats off for the playing of the National Anthem. Most of all, we were taught to respect America and be proud to be an American.

Over the past decade, I’ve spoken with many young people in school or just out of school and many of them have told me that they were taught to blame America for many of the world’s problems. Few of them could recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. They weren’t taught to salute the flag or show it any respect. More than one young person told me the American history they were taught didn’t glorify the men and women who built our nation, but were taught about all of the evil and oppression our ancestors were guilty of.

Instead of being taught about free enterprise and capitalism that built America and made the nation strong, powerful and prosperous, they’ve told me that they were taught to hate free enterprise and capitalism and to embrace socialism. The success of this was made evident in the recent elections when Sen. Bernie Sanders openly admitted he was a socialist and how much support he had among younger voters. A survey also revealed that 44% of millennials now favor socialism over capitalism.

A new Gallup poll also demonstrates how successful the public-school system has been in turning young people against this once great nation. There is no secret that with the liberal and socialistic views being indoctrinated into young minds, that more of them identify as Democrats than Republicans. A year ago, Gallup found that 78% of Democrats said they were proud to be Americans. In their latest poll, only 67% of Democrats said they are proud to be Americans.

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This is the lowest percentage of patriotic Democrats since 2001, when 86% of Democrats polled said they were proud to be Americans. Prior to the latest figure, the lowest only reached 74% in 2007. In 2002, 93% of Democrats said they were proud to be Americans, but that may have been due to the patriotic surge that swept the nation after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the downed plane in Pennsylvania. The next high for patriotic Democrats was in 2013, but even then, only 85% said they were proud to be Americans.

Let’s compare these figures with Republicans. In 2001, 86% of Democrats and 90% of Republicans said they were proud to be Americans. A year later in 2002, when Democrat patriotism hit a high of 93%, Republican pride was 99%. In 2016, Republican pride in America dipped to 89% under Barack Obama’s reign. Even then, only 78% of Democrats said they were proud to be Americans.

The growing gap in American patriotism has caught the attention of some, including Gary Bauer, a pro-life, pro-family and pro-American political commentator and activist. Bauer launched Campaign for Working Families in 1996 and expressed his concern over the gap in patriotism between the two major political parties in America to OneNewsNow:

“There is a growing radical left in the Democratic Party, and there is a growing movement among young Americans who tend to be leaning toward the left politically who are not traditionally patriotic any longer.”

“And then there’s this tendency on the radical left to see America as a country that oppresses people, that was built on slavery. So, it’s a serious issue when there is declining patriotism overall. It’s a serious issue when the left wing of one party seems to be declining in its patriotic feelings.”

Bauer added that the current younger generation of Americans has the lowest level of patriotism than any generation in recent history. While some may see this as a tribute to the success of the public-school system, others like myself see it as a sign of the end of the America I once knew.


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