Father Training 7-Year Old Son to be a Criminal

Why do some people have children they don’t want, don’t love or shouldn’t have while others who so desperately want to bear, who, love and hold a child are not capable of having one of their own? I’m sure most of you know of a parent or parents who shouldn’t have kids and others that don’t but should.

My oldest daughter so desperately wants a child of her own, but due to a rare non-hereditary genetic mutation that causes numerous health conditions including blindness tumors, fibrous dysplasia and Cushing’s Disease, among others, she is unable to have a child. Sadly, she and her husband do not make enough money to allow them to adopt. There is no doubt that she would make a wonderful mother who would love, cherish and nourish a child, but that does not seem likely under the circumstances.

Then there are people who should never be parents!

Years ago, when I was a member of the management staff at a large retail store, I was appalled on more than one occasion to witness this firsthand. On one of those occasions, I helped our security guard watch and arrest two women with five kids in tow. Both women were moms and they were taking their young kids through the store and teaching them how to stuff clothing and toys into their own clothing and purses. When we stopped them outside and store and brought them back inside, there was nearly $1,000 worth of merchandise hidden down their pants, under dresses, in shirts and blouses and stuffed in purses. Every child had around $100 or more worth of merchandise hidden on them. When we arrested them, I called child services and the police. The police handcuffed the two moms and child services took the five kids into custody where they were subsequently made wards of the state and placed in foster homes.

On another occasion, I saw a young girl, about 9-years-old stuff several pairs of panties into the top of the dress she was wearing. We detained her and mom outside the store and it was then that we discovered that the mom had also shoplifted nearly a dozen articles of clothing. Once we discovered the mom was stealing and teaching her daughter to do likewise, I again called child services who again took the child into custody.

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These were just two over a dozen such cases that I personally witnessed while working in retail management, nearly forty years ago. I could only hope that things were getting better, but as American society continues to decay, young criminals are still being trained by their parents as evidenced by a recent case that happened in San Antonio, Texas. However, in this case, the parent will never get another chance to love or teach his child.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, at about 1:40pm, a man was trying to break into a house in San Antonio. The homeowner was sleeping in the front bedroom when she was startled awake by the sound of someone trying to pry her bedroom window open. Fearing for her safety and life, the 30-year-old woman grabbed a gun and fired twice at the intruder, hitting him at least once.

Police were called to the scene where they found the wounded intruder along with his 7-year-old son. The intruder was taken to the hospital where he died of his wounds and the boy was taken into custody by the police.

Now, the incident is still being investigated and the woman homeowner has not been charged with any crime.

A seven-year-old boy is old enough to remember seeing his father shot to death, for the rest of his life. One can only imagine what kind of nightmares the boy will have for years to come.

Teaching a 7-year-old boy how to break into houses is not the parental example one should have. It’s a good reason why that man should never have had a son in the first place.

The answer to my opening question is simple. We live in a sin cursed world!


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