Fabio Tells Americans to Not Give Up Their Guns

It seems that most celebrities are flaming liberals who have no concept of reality or common sense. That was made evident during and after last year’s presidential election. More than one actor and actress promised to leave America if a Republican won the White House as far back as the Bush-Gore election, but unfortunately, they never kept their promise. However, there are a few celebrities that seem to have some common sense about them, and whether or not you think much about him, Fabio is one of those few.

“This is the greatest country in the world, but we have to come together. We have to find common ground.” – Fabio Lanzoni

If you’re anything like most red-blooded, gun-owning Americans, then talking about America, patriotism, and guns probably gives you goosebumps. Right?

Since Fabio Lanzoni, a legendary romantic stud, became an official, legal citizen of the United States, he can’t stop talking about his love for the America. The model told LifeZette, “It was like a beautiful dream. It was like paradise,” as he describes arriving in America,  “I fell in love with this country.”

However, even Fabio realizes that there are still things that need to be addressed, and he is legitimately worried about the direction that California is heading. He describes how The Golden state isn’t quite as bright with the direction that Governor Jerry Brown is steering. “It’s a disaster. It’s an epidemic,” he continued, “I’ve been around the world. I’ve been to Africa. Everywhere. Downtown Los Angeles now looks like a third-world country.”

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There are millions of American who refuse to give up their guns or their Second Amendment rights to own them. If liberals were to outlaw guns and come to confiscate them, the streets and fields of America would run red with the blood of liberals and conservatives alike. It would turn into another American Civil War.




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