Domestic Argument Leads to Dead Deputy and 7 Others

Saturday night, 35-year-old Willie Godbolt was having a discussion with his estranged wife and other family members about him taking his kids home with him. The discussion got loud and angry and police were called. Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy William Durr arrived on the scene and was shot to death by Godbolt. The distraught man then went on a shooting spree at several homes, killing 7 other people including two juveniles.

A sheriff’s deputy, two underage boys and five adults were shot and killed at three different residences in Mississippi allegedly by a 35-year-old gunman who after being arrested by police callously said the crimes stemmed from a domestic argument over children.

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said the suspect is Willie Cory Godbolt, aged 35 of Bogue Chitto, which is an unincorporated town of about 500 people located about 68 miles south of Jackson, the capital.

He was captured Sunday morning shortly before 7am at Super Jack’s at East Lincoln Road and Hwy. 84, Rushing said…

Gun control advocates will use this tragedy to push more control, using domestic violence as their reason. Sadly, a number of law enforcement officers will agree as domestic violent calls are among the most dangerous calls for them as they are dealing with people who are already angry and not thinking straight.

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