DNC Staffer Investigating Voter Fraud in Florida Found Dead

A few years back, I had the opportunity to speak to someone who had been associated with the Clintons when Bill was Governor of Arkansas. He shared his concern with me that a number of Clinton adversaries had disappeared or been found dead under mysterious circumstances. We recently learned that DNC staffer Seth Rich has been accused of being the source of leaked DNC emails that were supposedly leaked by Russia. Now we discover that another DNC staffer has been found dead, raising more questions.

The DNC, with the help of Hillary Clinton, certainly seems to be racking up the body count in recent years, and today’s new is no different.

This week has seen the mainstream media attempt, pathetically, to shut down the Seth Rich story in which Rich, a DNC staffer, was murdered in a “botched robbery” after it was speculated that he was responsible for a massive leak of campaign emails to Wikileaks.  In the “robbery”, Seth’s phone, wallet, and watch were still on his person, giving the attack itself a personal motivation as opposed to a financial one.

Now, as the DNC faces unprecedented legal challenges after their revealed corruption during last year’s election, yet another DNC-involved truth seeker has turned up dead under peculiar circumstances…

Do you think Congress would ever launch an investigation into the deaths and corruption within the Democratic National Committee? Not if the liberal Democrats in Congress have anything to say about. They will continue to nit-pick about everything Trump does but ignore the obvious questionable dealings of people associated with DNC.

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